Monday, 19 December 2016

'What If?' Metropolis - Reflective Statement

I feel that this project went rather well and exceeded my personal expectations when it came to the overall process of taking the product from sketch to final render. I managed to overcome quite a few issues with my concept, orthographs and render with some help and was able to troubleshoot with Maya without much difficulty. However, my time organisation was quite bad throughout, especially at the beginning of the project and would work in bursts as opposed to a steady stream as I was in the ‘Invisible Cities’ project. This lead to me to fall behind with the written work, mainly the Film Reviews.

For future projects, I will take this experience into account and ensure that I stay on top of everything as it comes in so I don’t end up having work left over at the end of the project.

'What If?' Metropolis | Production Designer Research - Grant Major

Thursday, 1 December 2016

What If? Metropolis - Model | Windows

I have modelled both a high-poly and low-poly version of the window so that the scene is less hardware intensive. I will have the low-poly version on the majority of buildings as they should be far away enough for it to not be a noticeable difference and I will have the high-poly version on the foreground building on the left side of my concept.

I changed the general design of the windows to give them a feeling that better-suited the general curvature of the structures and gave them a design similar to that of a dream-catcher, as was suggested by Lewis Punton.