Monday, 15 May 2017

Maya Tutorials | Final Submission & Reflective Statement

Introduction to Maya 2016

Modelling 1: Digital Sets

Lighting and Rendering
Modelling 2: HS & Organic

Visual Effects 2: Deformers

Texturing 1

3D Animation 1

Pre-Visualisation 1

3D Animation 2: Lip Syncing

I have really enjoyed following these tutorials and have learned a lot from them. I wish I had completed more of them by the time of my final animation for Fantastic Voyage, as I expect it would have been greatly improved. My ability to animate and control my scenes in Maya, and general Maya proficiency, has greatly improved over the course of the year, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the improvements I'll make from the following years' tutorials as well.

Maya Tutorials | Substance Materials

Maya Tutorials | Tileable & Layered Textures - Part 2

Maya Tutorials | Tileable & Layered Textures - Part 1

Maya Tutorials | Rim Light Shader

There weren't any textures in the sourceimages folder, so the shirt, jeans and hair all rendered black.

Maya Tutorials | Arm - Anticipation & Follow-Through

Maya Tutorials | Lighting and Rendering - Night

Maya Tutorials | Lighting and Rendering - Romantic

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Maya Tutorials | Lighting and Rendering - Sunset

Animation and Character | Final Submission - Showreel and Reflective Statement

Over the course of the year, I have gained a lot of understanding of the principles of animation, and become quite comfortable with using 2D animation software. The animations I created more recently are significantly more controlled and smooth than those at the beginning of the year. There is definitely room for improvement, so I hope to progress and learn more throughout the next two years and am excited to see where my animating ability ends up by the end of the course.


Anatomy of a Walk Cycle


Animation and Character | Jump & Throwing Animations



Life Drawing Portfolio

Over the course of the year, I have really enjoyed life drawing and found that I have improved a lot, despite a poor attendance. I experimented a lot with my art style to find something I was really comfortable with and, towards the end of the year, definitely gained a lot of confidence and created some work that I'm proud of. I didn't try as many materials as I would have liked, but became confident and comfortable with those that I used.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Animation and Character | Slow In + Slow Out - Coin & Pendulum



Life Drawing - 13.03.2017

Life Drawing - 06.03.2017

Life Drawing - 20.02.2017

Life Drawing - 06.02.2017

Life Drawing - 30.01.2017

Life Drawing - 07.12.2016

Life Drawing - 25.01.2017

Animation and Character | Ball Character 3

Animation and Character | 3D Lip Sync - Phonemes & Tongue and Eyes

Animation and Character | 3D Lip Sync - Jaw Bounce

Friday, 12 May 2017

Film Review | The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Fantastic Voyage | Reflective Statement

Overall, I feel that I could have done better for this project. I've had a rough time physically and mentally over the course of this term and it caused me to go majorly off-track. My time management definitely could have been significantly better, as I felt extremely rushed and stressed towards the end, which could all have been averted had I been on top of everything.

I would have liked for my animation to have been more finished, as I think the animations could have been refined, specifically the cells splitting. However, I am quite pleased with the way the Bifrost simulations turned out as I had never gone anywhere near simulations in Maya and had to learn how to utilise it from the ground up, although this did take up a significant amount of time that could otherwise have been used in improving the other aspects of my animation.

While the voice actor isn't well-received by everyone, I think that he worked well with the overall feeling that I wanted from the animation; relaxed and educational. However I do agree that he speaks too slowly at times.

Generally, the whole term could have gone a lot better, but I'm happy with the way the animation turned out and am proud of myself for successfully using liquid simulations which isn't taught in the first year.

Fantastic Voyage | Making Of

When I view the 'Making Of' as a PDF or Powerpoint document, the quality is fine, but after it's been uploaded through Scribd, the quality decreases and I can't figure out why. If anyone knows what might be causing this, could you let me know? Thanks.